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OK, so it’s no secret that a huge trend in boots this coming fall is the buckle. We’ve seen it before, but not to this extent.

Well, just got some new arrivals and I’ve come across two great boots that are reminiscent of some of my favorite fall 2010 creations by Fendi and Burberry Prorsum.

Everyone needs an over-the-knee boot this fall… So why not get a shearling-lined one that is just as warm as it is gorgeous?

BEA Fur Buckle Over Knee Boot ($280 USD)

And $280 isn’t bad when you compare it to its luxurious cousins which cost a few times more:

Fendi Leather Buckle Knee Boot ($1350 USD)

Burberry Aviator Shearling Platform Boot ($1395 USD)

And lastly, these are insane… And I mean that in the best way possible:

Burberry Prorsum Shearling-Lined Platform Ankle Boot ($1095 USD)

But they’re also insanely expensive… Not so good.

So, in the spirit of those, why not try these:

AMORE Shearling Ankle Boot ($190 USD)

Alright, enough with the boots!!! At least for now…


So, I thought I was done gushing about boots for a while, but this evening, while searching the web for some choice denim, I came across a wonderful clothing website that is new to my life:

The site doesn’t have a ton of goods on it, but the goods it does have are great; kind of like a man of few words who chooses every one wisely.

I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite finds, all of them unique, chic, and surprisingly affordable:

New Kid Runstitch Loafer ($165 USD)

New Kid Slipstitch Ankle Boot ($170 USD)

New Kid Tonk Boot ($170 USD)

New Kid Dreamcore Boot ($185 USD)

New Kid Overstitch Boot ($185 USD)

OK.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year again…  Ladies, it’s time to bring out your boots!

Well, this is certainly my favorite time of the year; the weather is cooling down (which means my hair will finally lay flat upon my head), the trees are changing colors and a sense of nostalgia lingers on each leaf as it falls to the ground.  It’s a feeling of warmth that greets you these coming months, beckoning you to spend more time with your loved ones and indulge in all that is comforting and heartwarming.

But as you make your rounds to each holiday party coming up, what better way to crunch those dead leaves on the ground till there’s nothing but an afterthought of summer left than in a pair of beautiful new boots???

What kind of boots, you ask?  Good question!  So many styles to choose from…  I’m here to share some of my favorites.  However, because I’ve come across so many great finds, I’ve decided to do two separate posts dedicated to the topic.  Let’s try one general post about all boots that go above the ankle and one post about booties.

This first post, my friends, will embrace those boots on the taller side and tomorrow I’ll show some love to the shorter ones.  So, here they are in order from cheapest to most costly:

Ecote Tall Suede Boot ($88 USD)

Steve Madden ZEDA Boot ($99.95 USD)

ASOS ABBOT Buckle Suede Boot ($117.95 USD)

Aldo Prettner Boot ($160 USD)

Aldo Rechtzigel Boot ($170 USD)

DITA Metal Ring Boot ($180 USD)

Steve Madden Endevur Boot ($189.95 USD)

FRYE Harness Boot ($218 USD)

Tory Burch Buckle Rubber Rain Boot ($225 USD)

Nicky Slouch Moc Boot ($228 USD)

UGG Jillian Boot ($230 USD)

Aldo Threw Buckle Detail Flat Boot ($235.90 USD)

Cole Haan Air Liberty Boot ($298 USD)

Cole Haan Air Tantivy Boot ($298 USD)

FRYE Alex Boot ($298 USD)

Joe Lace-Up Over The Knee Boot ($298 USD)

Saddle Seat Boot ($328 USD)

FRYE Paige Tall Riding Boot ($347.95 USD)

House of Harlow 1960 Over The Knee Fringe Boot ($350 USD)

Farrier Boot ($538 USD)

So how are those for a start?  Certainly, there are more tall boots to come, but consider this post an appetizer… Yummy!!!