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I’ve loved Tracy Reese for about 5 years now… If you haven’t heard of her yet, you should have. But after all, that’s why I’m taking the time out to write about her in this post, isn’t it?

Her clothes are stylish, easy to wear, and surprisingly affordable.

plenty Magenta Wallpaper Jersey Zip Front Frock ($150 USD)

plenty Fatigue/Mallard Jersey Draped Shift ($169 USD)

Tracy Reese Black Fringed Front Cardigan ($229 USD)

Tracy Reese Marine Bustier Strapless ($259 USD)

frock! “Gretchen” in Black ($279 USD)

plenty Magenta Popcorn Coat ($285 USD)

plenty Black Laser Cut Bracelet Sleeve Coat ($350 USD)


OK, so it’s no secret that a huge trend in boots this coming fall is the buckle. We’ve seen it before, but not to this extent.

Well, just got some new arrivals and I’ve come across two great boots that are reminiscent of some of my favorite fall 2010 creations by Fendi and Burberry Prorsum.

Everyone needs an over-the-knee boot this fall… So why not get a shearling-lined one that is just as warm as it is gorgeous?

BEA Fur Buckle Over Knee Boot ($280 USD)

And $280 isn’t bad when you compare it to its luxurious cousins which cost a few times more:

Fendi Leather Buckle Knee Boot ($1350 USD)

Burberry Aviator Shearling Platform Boot ($1395 USD)

And lastly, these are insane… And I mean that in the best way possible:

Burberry Prorsum Shearling-Lined Platform Ankle Boot ($1095 USD)

But they’re also insanely expensive… Not so good.

So, in the spirit of those, why not try these:

AMORE Shearling Ankle Boot ($190 USD)

Alright, enough with the boots!!! At least for now…