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Haute Galore

Tell a story with your style.

I love, love, LOVE Anthropologie… Their stuff is unique, quirky, and, of course, stylish; think bohemian chic for the urbanite who enjoys art, but never has the time to create it.

Just as much as Anthropology, I also love classic style circa the 1930s and 1940s. And when it comes to those time periods, I especially love the shoes, and let me explain why: I think a great stiletto is always beautiful and sexy… But OH! SO UNCOMFORTABLE! Shoes from the 30s and 40s, on the other hand – no stiletto heel, but still, OH! SO CUTE!

Annnd… Comfortable!

Are you hearing me now, ladies? Imagine stylish dress shoes that can be worn all day without feeling like the balls of your feet are going to explode!

Lucky for us, those looks are making a comeback. These are some of my favorites from Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Wingspan Heel ($98 USD)

Anthropologie Skylight Mary-Jane ($138 USD)

Plenty by Tracy Reese Via Manzoni Heel ($139 USD)

Coclico Sevilla Heel ($385 USD)

Chie Mihara Curried Heel ($398 USD)

Hope you’ve found something you can enjoy!


I’ve loved Tracy Reese for about 5 years now… If you haven’t heard of her yet, you should have. But after all, that’s why I’m taking the time out to write about her in this post, isn’t it?

Her clothes are stylish, easy to wear, and surprisingly affordable.

plenty Magenta Wallpaper Jersey Zip Front Frock ($150 USD)

plenty Fatigue/Mallard Jersey Draped Shift ($169 USD)

Tracy Reese Black Fringed Front Cardigan ($229 USD)

Tracy Reese Marine Bustier Strapless ($259 USD)

frock! “Gretchen” in Black ($279 USD)

plenty Magenta Popcorn Coat ($285 USD)

plenty Black Laser Cut Bracelet Sleeve Coat ($350 USD)

Even if I smell like one…

Leather jackets – another must-have this fall.  And not the old boring trenchcoat-style ones.  This fall’s leather-loving woman is edgy and gravitates toward moto jackets and military couture, rather than something that makes her look like she’s on her way to attend her child’s PTA meeting.

However, as it is with anything trendy, there are tons of styles to choose from, some amazing and some that are absolutely hideous.

I’ve tried to do some of the work for you and narrow it down to a few that I really enjoy.

Hope you feel the same!

ASOS Cropped Leather Jacket ($168.50 USD)

ASOS Leather Aviator Jacket ($185.35 USD)

ASOS Washed Leather Motorcross Aviator Jacket ($202.20 USD)

Rachel Roy Leather Aries Jacket ($299 USD)

TopShop Chain Shoulder Biker Jacket ($310 USD)

TopShop Leather Saddle Stitch Jacket ($310 USD)

TopShop Sleeveless Flying Jacket ($360 USD)

Fringe Biker Jacket By Boutique ($370 USD)

All Saints Side Zip Leather Jacket ($379.13 USD)

IMPROVD Seam Detail Leather Jacket ($649 USD)

Larok Distressed Rocker Moto Jacket ($660 USD)

Mackage Michela Jacket ($725 USD)

S.W.O.R.D. Leather Quilted Moto Jacket ($902 USD)

But in my opinion, the crème de la crème of anything leather, shearling, or military-inspired this year:

Burberry Shearling Funnel Neck Aviator Jacket ($3595 USD)

I mean, seriously, Burberry Prorsum has become so wearable and so well-designed…  How can I help but come back to it again and again?  Most of their outerwear this season is amazing, but that shearling aviator jacket is certainly the pièce de résistance of this year’s fall ready-to-wear line.

And that double collar…  It’s unique and remarkably chic, but unfortunately, the jacket’s price tag is equally remarkable – remarkably expensive.

Not that the following option is affordable exactly, but it’s over $2000 cheaper and it’s a pretty close second:

Vince Cropped Aviator Jacket ($1450 USD)

Well, that’s all I have to share for now… Check back tomorrow for some more finds!

OK, so it’s no secret that a huge trend in boots this coming fall is the buckle. We’ve seen it before, but not to this extent.

Well, just got some new arrivals and I’ve come across two great boots that are reminiscent of some of my favorite fall 2010 creations by Fendi and Burberry Prorsum.

Everyone needs an over-the-knee boot this fall… So why not get a shearling-lined one that is just as warm as it is gorgeous?

BEA Fur Buckle Over Knee Boot ($280 USD)

And $280 isn’t bad when you compare it to its luxurious cousins which cost a few times more:

Fendi Leather Buckle Knee Boot ($1350 USD)

Burberry Aviator Shearling Platform Boot ($1395 USD)

And lastly, these are insane… And I mean that in the best way possible:

Burberry Prorsum Shearling-Lined Platform Ankle Boot ($1095 USD)

But they’re also insanely expensive… Not so good.

So, in the spirit of those, why not try these:

AMORE Shearling Ankle Boot ($190 USD)

Alright, enough with the boots!!! At least for now…

So, while on my hunt for the perfect shearling and leather bomber jacket this afternoon, I came across several other jackets that had me salivating quite a bit. Their style is unique and fittingly, their price is a bit steep as well. But not so steep that I wouldn’t dare consider buying them…

Have a little look and stop back later to check out my other finds!

L.A.M.B. Tweed Jacket with Belt ($330 USD)

Torn by Ronny Kobo Selma Quilted Jacket ($352 USD)

Haute Hippie Chiffon Bed Jacket ($695 USD)

Denim, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. I love it skinny.

2. I love it tight.

Sure, some people are still wearing flares and bootcuts and some of those jeans are definitely hot, but skinny jeans, in my opinion, are here to stay for a long, long time and with good reason.

The skinny tucked into the calf or thigh-high boot is sleek and sexy. The skinny paired with pumps or a high-heeled ankle boot – sexier. But even if you’re going casual with a pair of flats or tennis shoes, the skinny jean is still your best friend. Are you getting it yet? These jeans are versatile!

And most importantly (and I don’t understand how this has not yet become clear to every women on this planet who weighs more than 170 pounds): Flares make “voluptuous” women look fat and frumpy – NOT HOT. Ironic, isn’t it, that the “skinny” jean is more flattering on heavier women than any “wide-leg”?

So, in honor of my forever-favored friend, I’m sharing some looks that have stood out to me. Yes, there is always the plain skinny – the one you go to for trips to the grocery store or to a dear friend’s house – but I wanted to find some styles that would be better suited showing up at anything from a small party to a night out on the town. Have a look… Hope you enjoy!

Simply Sketched Pants ($49.95 USD)

Silence & Noise Zip-Pocket Skinny Jean ($58 USD)

ASOS Khaki Biker Skinny Jean ($60.66 USD)

Cheap Monday Net Tight Skinny Jean ($65 USD)

Blank Denim Skinny Jean with Chain Detail ($88 USD)

Current/Elliott Moto Legging Low-Rise Jean ($91 USD)

Miss Sixty Dalco Studded Leg Skinny Jean ($160.08 USD)

Kaylee Tankus Forest Green Pant ($190 USD)

Kaylee Tankus Black Riding Pant ($190 USD)

Helmut Lang Paneled Denim Legging ($195 USD)

Miss Sixty Rocker Dark Wash Rocky Chain Detail Skinny Jean ($210.63 USD)

Current/Elliott Skinny Cargo Jean ($248 USD)

Helmut Lang Peak Pocket Jean ($265 USD)

7 For All Mankind 7*7*7 Gwenevere Jean With Mesh Inset In Black ($265 USD)

Superfine Scribble Legging Jean ($355 USD)

So, I thought I was done gushing about boots for a while, but this evening, while searching the web for some choice denim, I came across a wonderful clothing website that is new to my life:

The site doesn’t have a ton of goods on it, but the goods it does have are great; kind of like a man of few words who chooses every one wisely.

I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite finds, all of them unique, chic, and surprisingly affordable:

New Kid Runstitch Loafer ($165 USD)

New Kid Slipstitch Ankle Boot ($170 USD)

New Kid Tonk Boot ($170 USD)

New Kid Dreamcore Boot ($185 USD)

New Kid Overstitch Boot ($185 USD)